This annual exhibition celebrates work by the graduating students of the Corcoran College of Art and Design. NEXT includes both an exhibition of the thesis work of the Bachelor of Fine Arts class of 2014 and a showcase of the Bachelors and Masters of Arts degree programs at the Corcoran.


In the words of its founder, the Corcoran is “dedicated to art.” Its museum presents, interprets and preserves the art of our times and of times past; its college of art nurtures and helps shape new generations of artists and designers. Education is a central focus, not just in the Corcoran’s classrooms but in its galleries and throughout the greater Washington region. Though American art is the collection’s emphasis, the art of other nations and cultures is, when appropriate, acquired and exhibited.


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                                                          NEXT 2014 Artists

                                                          UNDERGRADUATE DEGREE PROGRAMS
                                                          BA Art Studies

                                                          Emily Bennett Price, Gallery 21
                                                          Renata Salazar-Costa, Gallery 21
                                                          Caroline Space, Gallery 21

                                                          BFA Digital Media Design

                                                          Gina Barton, Gallery 18
                                                          Kimberly Cheung, Gallery 19
                                                          Razan Khashoggi, Gallery 18
                                                          Ryan Mahoney, Gallery 18
                                                          Timothy Scott O’Banion, Gallery 17
                                                          Conner O’Brien, Gallery 17
                                                          Leah Sims, Gallery 20
                                                          Navy Sisomphou, Gallery 22

                                                          BFA Fine Art

                                                          Richard S Boswell, Gallery 19
                                                          James Cole, Gallery 17
                                                          Lorenzo DeAlmeida, Gallery 17
                                                          Arthur Kwon Lee, Gallery 14
                                                          Brittany Moore, Gallery 22
                                                          Edward Poschmann, Gallery 17
                                                          Adriana Serrato, Gallery 21
                                                          Ameshia Stukes, Gallery 18
                                                          Laure Veissiere, Gallery 18
                                                          Travis Wagner, Gallery 22

                                                          BFA Fine Art Photography

                                                          Joseph Alzamora, Gallery 24
                                                          Aileen Beringer, Gallery 24
                                                          Samuel Block, Gallery 20
                                                          Julia Clouser, Gallery 20
                                                          Jillian Davis, Gallery 20
                                                          Amanda Hevener, Atrium
                                                          Olivia Jablonski, Atrium
                                                          Darren Jones, Atrium
                                                          Taylor King, Atrium
                                                          Conor Martin, Gallery 17
                                                          Ashley Mellor, Atrium
                                                          Eric Reis, Gallery 14
                                                          Shelly Silva, Gallery 17
                                                          Nicholas Turpie, Gallery 24
                                                          Mayte Velasco, Gallery 14
                                                          Robert Wiemann, Gallery 17

                                                          BFA Graphic Design

                                                          Edrick Agostini, Gallery 20
                                                          James Bonilla, Gallery 17
                                                          Jamie Cooper-Anderson, Gallery 20
                                                          Anne Harrod, Gallery 18
                                                          Anh Le, Gallery 22
                                                          Martin Nera, Gallery 14
                                                          Jairo Rodriguez, Gallery 18
                                                          Lauren Russell, Gallery 20
                                                          Carissa Sudjono, Atrium
                                                          Edwin Verastegui, Atrium
                                                          Elijah Williamson, Atrium
                                                          Raksa Santi Yin, Gallery 18

                                                          BFA Interior Design

                                                          Ashley DelVillan, Gallery 18
                                                          Tavakoli Hodjat, Gallery 22
                                                          Eva Kodouskova, Gallery 20
                                                          Bradley Krise, Gallery 22
                                                          Emily Patterson, Gallery 18
                                                          Brittany Ryan, Gallery 14

                                                          BFA Photojournalism

                                                          Emily Cohen, Gallery 21
                                                          Bryan Dozier, Gallery 19
                                                          Tracy Eustaquio, Gallery 18
                                                          Benjamin Granderson, Gallery 20
                                                          Cory Martin, Gallery 22
                                                          Coral McRyhew, Gallery 19
                                                          Caitlin Miller, Gallery 19
                                                          Kendelyn Ouellette, Gallery 14

                                                          BFA / MAT Art Education

                                                          Patrick Bagley, Gallery 21
                                                          Halsey Berryman, Gallery 14
                                                          Olivia Davison, Atrium
                                                          Sarah Gettman, Gallery 14

                                                          GRADUATE DEGREE PROGRAMS
                                                          MA Art Education

                                                          Jacqueline Bates
                                                          Jonathan Borneman
                                                          Paige Byrne
                                                          Barbara McCoy

                                                          MA Art and the Book

                                                          Christy Herr
                                                          Jihae Kwon
                                                          Jaime Lynn Shafer
                                                          Alexandra Slater

                                                          MA Exhibition Design

                                                          Daisy Alonso
                                                          Colleen Bernhard
                                                          Megan Butterfield
                                                          Natale Marie Clark
                                                          Mary (Maizie) Clark
                                                          Greggory DiSalvo
                                                          Elizabeth Anne Enright
                                                          Ashley Hinkle
                                                          Matthew Horton
                                                          Alexandra Hunger Stoller
                                                          Megan Magee
                                                          Jay Pastore
                                                          Rosa (Lola) Ramirez
                                                          Anne Richardson
                                                          Monica Sifuentez
                                                          Leigh Anne White

                                                          MA Interior Design

                                                          Reema Algwaidhy
                                                          Maryam Almadini
                                                          Hessa Alsagri
                                                          Mikell Belser
                                                          Katherine Chisholm
                                                          Rebecca Elmore
                                                          Melissa Fatni
                                                          Anne Fortune
                                                          Ashley Griffith
                                                          Brooke Hollingsworth
                                                          Jacqueline Ionita
                                                          Monica Mesa
                                                          Pam Miller
                                                          Meghan O’Malley
                                                          Whitney Osterhout
                                                          Jimin Park
                                                          Widney Pierson
                                                          Tom Raviv
                                                          Amanda Ripley
                                                          Kristen Van Hise

                                                          MA New Media Photojournalism

                                                          Amy Brothers
                                                          Elliot Blumberg
                                                          Maria Helene Carey
                                                          Sarah Cartron
                                                          Jasper Colt
                                                          Craig Corl
                                                          Gabriel Dinsmoor
                                                          Ben Dorger
                                                          Caitlin Faw
                                                          Laurie Feld
                                                          Dakota Fine
                                                          Jenny Harnish
                                                          Jordan Kennedy
                                                          Zoeann Murphy
                                                          Thomas Rossmeissl
                                                          Kaitlynn Scannell
                                                          Rodney Sutton
                                                          Susan Thomas
                                                          Colby Waller

                                                          Master of Arts in Teaching

                                                          Emily Anfinson
                                                          Kasi Burns
                                                          Fatima Elgarch
                                                          Diane Folliet
                                                          Laura John
                                                          Diana Lautenberger
                                                          Christinia McGovern
                                                          Fallon Schultz
                                                          Jayma Sharpe
                                                          Lauren Vick



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